Xanga has the collywobbles this morning, so I am not going to chance a long post.

Yesterday was very busy, and in fact there is nothing but Very Busy around here as far as the eye can see, so there is no need to talk about it.

#1 son got back safely from his rock concert, having seen the Mississippi flooding, which he says was pretty cool and not at all dangerous, and also having missed a bunch of things because of people who were so slow getting ready that they couldn’t get out of the dorms where they were staying.

They were at Rhodes, my great-grandfather’s alma mater. He roomed there with the boy who would later become President Wilson. They had gone to prep school together.

I bet they always got ready promptly.

I understand what #1 son is talking about, because I am married to know someone just like that. You plan to go someplace, put your shoes on, and then stand there waiting while they have a cigarette, change their shirt, fix their hair, do some luandry, change the oil…The best plan is never to go anywhere with people like that, unless you are one too.