provencal runner I’ve just barely begun the quilting of the table runner. Normally, I’d outline the pinwheel here, but instead I am using a swirly stencil from Voices of the Past called “Harriet Tubman.” The imprecision of my triangles might be well served by this decision.

I am still showing you scanned images instead of photos because my camera is still missing.

On Friday evening, I walked into the house carrying my purse and the camera. I came in from the garage through the laundry room to the kitchen, where I stopped to talk to my husband.

Knowing that I would be leaving the house for work on Saturday at 6:30, he had decided to do the grocery shopping. He had made a list and everything, but had come home with only eggs.

I spent a while commiserating with him on his shopping issues and deciding what to do about dinner. I took the shopping list and the grocery money and tucked it into my purse. The boys persuaded us to allow them to call the local pizza place, and I cleared up a bit in the living room, taking some papers into the back bedroom/office space and putting them into the file drawer.

It seems likely that I visited the bathroom at some point, but by the time the pizza came, we had the TV on and were settled in for a lazy evening.

It was after eating pizza that I went to get my camera to put the photos into the computer — and did not find it. My purse was on the kitchen counter where I had left it, but the camera was not with it.

Sherlock Holmes and Jane Marple would know at this point exactly where that camera was.

It seems to me that the tidying of the living room is the point at which I am most likely to have absent-mindedly put the camera in the wrong place. Lostarts mentioned in the comments a colleague who tidies things away and then can’t recall where she has put anything, and that can happen when you’re tired or distracted by conversation while tidying.

But I have a place where I normally put the camera, and it seems as though I would probably have absentmindedly put it there, not in some other spot. I use the camera a lot. I like to put pictures here, of course, and I have children of whom I naturally like to take pictures, but I also use it for work. I think that I will have to buy a new one pretty quickly if I cannot find the old one.

If you have read the narrative above and thought, “Of course! That must be where the camera is!” then please let me know.

This is supposed to be a day off for me. I am supposed to try to rest and get better, perhaps to see the doctor. I really need to go to the grocery, to catch up on my housework, to pay my bills, and to get the writing assignments done. It also seems likely that I will need to drive to the new store to pick up my paycheck, and my husband is taking the day off. So it should end up being sort of like a Saturday.