My new educational website is live. I hope you’ll go visit it. In fact, I hope you’ll tell all your friends to go visit it, too, because I’m excited about it.

Why should you do something because I’m excited about it? No good reason. But you probably do sometimes go look at people’s new puppies or new babies or what have you just because they’re excited about it, so maybe you will.

The screen with the tiger shifts to a screen with a picture of cool-looking fungus — in the photo on the right, you see it in transition, with the tiger showing through the mushrooms. I know you’re saying, “Be still, my heart! A slideshow!”

Yes, well, I’m excited. This is the slowest process ever for a website — I’ve been planning it for a year and we’ve actually been working on it since last July.

Not sure why it took so long, frankly.

But it’s now live, so I can add an extra hour or so to my work day to keep it updated.

I’m meeting today with a local businesswoman to talk about a new site for her. She’s in no hurry, so she may or may not be our May site. Our April site — a Kansas City Roofing Company — is actually scheduled to launch in May.

We’re planning on doing one each month.

I guess FreshPlans can be our April site.