Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day, but I spent most of it indoors feeling sorry for myself.

I woke up with a terrible sore throat and a feverish feeling and emailed my co-teacher asking her to cover the Sunday School class. Receiving no response, I went to church, where I found that said co-teacher had seen my email and was prepared to conduct the class as a review of the previous week, but not I guess prepared enough to have let me know so I could have stayed in bed.

I sat through the Sunday School lesson and went to the service and waved my palm branch and croaked my way weakly through the anthem, then slunk out before the sermon and came home.

There I cut out the top and began the baby sweater, and of course cooked meals, but mostly lay around reading and — as I said — feeling sorry for myself. There were phone conversations, of which my part mostly went “Huh? What?” My boys also said things to me, and I think my responses also tended toward the “Huh? What?”

Among the things that did not get done yesterday: significant fiberosity, fixing the FAFSA, working on the story contest, completing the encyclopedia assignment, photographing the FO of the week.

This morning I still can hardly swallow, but I think I can pack boxes at the store and feel sorry for myself at the same time, so that is my plan. Prospective tenants will be coming to see the space, and I suppose there will be customers pounding on the door as there were on Friday (our customers will not let a little thing like a 4 foot square sign explaining that the store is closed deter them). So I am hoping that I will feel a bit better at some point. If not, visitors will have to be satisfied with my bleary “Huh? What?”