4 What a beautiful day it was yesterday! This picture shows how nice it was to be a dog sitting out in the sun enjoying the spring.

It was pretty good for humans, too.

I have been working on the report for That Man, essentially a description of what I’ve been up to for the past year, plying The Dark Art for the store. I think I will use the data which I organized for that report to write an article or two on my experience.

Today I will also begin plying The Dark Art for my new client. This is quite exciting. I have yet to learn her name or address, but that is how we roll in the modern flat world. I have big plans for her anyway.

4 I sent my resume off to the Resume Wizard yesterday, and am trying to decide whether I ought to wait to hear back from her before I apply to the few jobs I have gathered up, or if perhaps I should leap ahead with my imperfect resume.

I will be going to the unemployment office first. I do not have much faith in their ability to help me, but I could be wrong.

The other thing I did yesterday was to work some more on Erin. This is a sleeve, with the colorwork beginning. I think I will do bands of this simple pattern for the sleeves. I may finish this by the time it gets cold again.

We’re having another lovely spring day. I’ll be taking a walk, and I think I had better get a haircut before my meeting with the SEO firm. I’m already going to look old for such work. There is no reason to look slovenly as well.