Yesterday included a small amount of housework, a couple more job applications, and a bit of knitting.4

These are the sleeves of Erin, which sounds like some very arcane bit of folklore, but really it’s just a cardigan. I like to do both sleeves at once on a long circular needle. Since I am not that good at following patterns precisely, this method allows me to be more certain that the sleeves will match.

Today Client #2 sent the requests for changes in the documents I had prepared, along with suggestions for further projects. I corrected and returned the documents, and I am looking forward to the further projects. 

I am spending the day up at the store today, helping with the burial closing.4 Then I have a meeting at the church. After that, I hope to do some more housework and gardening.

My husband worked in the garden yesterday. He put these PVC fixtures on top of the tomato cages. He  always worries that someone will bend over them without paying proper attention (that would be me, of course) and poke an eye out.

In previous years, he has attached artificial flowers to the tops of the cages, or tied them up with plastic bags, or made elaborate finials out of weird things.

This year’s solution seems more elegant.

The plants came cheerfully through last night’s cold front, so I hope to plant the remaining stuff this evening.

4 I have one more picture for you. After he had finished with the yardwork, my husband sat down for a well-deserved rest, and the dogs gathered around him.

They often do this. They gather around and gaze at him adoringly. They were distracted here by the photographer. In general, they just look at the Lord and Master.

He has a remarkable way with animals.

None of the rest of us can accomplish this.

#2 daughter can actually get this effect with humans by singing, but even she can’t achieve it with animals.

My husband can catch fish this way. They swim up to him and he picks them up out of the water. You should see it.