I have a little design job, and have so far been turned down by both The Computer Guy and The Design Student, but The Art Teacher hasn’t yet said no, and my brother’s housemate might actually be able to help me out. I am therefore not panicking yet, though I spent a couple of hours yesterday putting together a rudimentary page for the client and trying not to compare it with The Computer Guy’s pages. The trouble is, I am very good at saying, “This should go here and this should go there” and writing the words for it, but I really have no graphic design skills at all. And severely limited coding skills, too. It seems to me that my books should help me. I pull a book confidently from the shelf and look for things like “how to make rounded corners” and “how to achieve a gradient” and “how to make the header look all cool like The Computer Guy’s headers,” and find none of those things. Actually, I did find stuff on how to make rounded corners, but it has too many prerequisites.

If I have to do this myself, I will need to look upon it as an excellent learning opportunity, not as an experience that just shows why there are so many rotten websites out there.

The Computer Guy has also refused to host the page in question. It’s not pornography or anything, so I am still hopeful of being able to persuade him to do so, but if not, then I have to try to find the client a host as well. There are so many terrible hosts out there, you wouldn’t believe it. I am naturally tempted to put her with The Northerner. However, the whole balance of my northern and southern web design companies could be thrown off if I give The Northerner one of my local customers. But if I place her with a local competitor of The Computer Guy, it’ll be … well, all his fault, right?

I’m sending a bunch of money off to the IRS today. I’m also teaching my morning class, and plying the Dark Art for a couple of websites. Just saying that brings to mind all the myriad things I need to do this week, and my anxiety at the thought that I may not be able to find a designer willing to work with me on my little design job. I need to sit down with my calendar straightaway and figure out my week.

I should have done that last night, of course. However, I had so much work to do yesterday afternoon that I went to bed with a book at about 7:30 last night. I think it’s GTD time.