easter 007 The Easter feast was fun. My parents came, which made it a small Easter celebration for us — just six people. #1 daughter had only herself and her husband, and they just went out to dinner and a movie. I may have conveyed to her my feeling that holidays need crowds for proper celebration.

#2 daughter went to an Easter picnic in the park, in the cold, with our glamorous aunt. My mother had asked about the cold in talking with this aunt, so we knew that they planned to light fires in the firemaking areas of the park and I guess to wear warm clothing and huddle around the fires.

This is the Devil’s Food Easter/birthday cake. easter 006

#1 son, whose birthday it was, does not care for icing, so we made an un-iced cake in a sort of basket shape and a set of egg-shaped cupcakes. I iced the cupcakes and piled them in the “basket” with some green-dyed coconut for grass. Then we made shortbread rabbits, gave them coconut fur and cottontails made of halved mini marshmallows and attached them to the cake with dabs of icing.

Understated elegance was not the goal.

In fact, with a cake of this kind, it seems to me that the fact that you went to so much trouble is the message. The recipient must be important, if someone is willing to cut mini marshmallows in half for him.

I am still not recovered from my monstrous cold. I have reached the stage at which this fact is making me very cross. However, I spent the entire afternoon — after our guests left, of course — ensconced in a recliner with a fleece throw and a stack of novels, calling hoarsely for tea at intervals. I am doing my part to vanquish this virus.