Yesterday was a pleasant enough day. We sang from the Cokesbury in church, always fun. The director exhorted the congregation to sing “boisterously” and they did so. Then I went to work, where people were mostly pretty cheerful. It was only moderately busy, and I gave myself permission not to scurry around doing extra things between customers, and was therefore able to read Terry Pratchett’s Only You Can Save Mankind. I do try to read, or at least skim, all the books we sell. At this time of year, though, most between-customers time is devoted to cleaning up messes.

I had taken my knitting, in case there were no customers at all, but it was actually a pretty good day, numbers-wise. I got home to find the boys watching the Monk marathon and joined them, and got the center row of the colorwork done on Pipes. I am using traditional Fair Isle patterns, but in a very different style, as #2 daughter is not a fan of Fair Isle. She finds it too folkloric.

My daughters both called me, which was nice, though both of them are finding life a little trying.

So am I, at the moment, because my refrigerator quit working. It has done this before, so I thought my husband could perhaps fix it before all the food spoiled and had to be thrown away. No such luck. I am not sure why he didn’t get around to it this weekend, since I was at work and do not know what he was doing, but today he has a dental appointment after work, so he just told me to throw everything away.

I will have to skip the gym this morning in order to go to the grocery again in search of non-perishable foods for the boys’ breakfasts and lunches. They were doing pretty well with cold cereal and milk, and ham and cheese sandwiches. Hot cereal and peanut butter sandwiches will turn them surly, though. They may just have to be surly.

We will be thankful for the Schwan’s man (we expect him today) and the cases of MaMa noodles on the pantry floor.

The other thing I did yesterday was to look at the Mary Maxim catalog before throwing it out. I wanted to see whether they carried size 1 sleeve needles, because I cannot find mine. They don’t, but they do have other remarkable things. Now, usually the Mary Maxim catalog’s main message to me is that making really ugly useless things takes just as much time and effort as making beautiful useful things — I am sure that a 15″ Christmas tree fashioned of safety pins and plastic beads is labor intensive. But this time they are also offering lighted knitting needles. They might allow you to knit in the movies or while camping, or perhaps they would be a good accessory at the next rave you attend.

They also featured a raglan sweater with a cable at the raglan, just as the Jasmine sweater uses a band of lace. I was thinking of doing this myself, and was glad to see that it looks good. I’m not doing this soon, of course, as I have a lot of projects in the queue already, but it is still a good thing to know.

There were not, however, any lighted cable needles.