Last night I realized that my schedule was about to get more ferocious. I work all summer, so I don’t think about this the way most teachers do — the summer is half over, or it’s only three weeks till I get back to the classroom…

But not only do I get back to the classroom next week with three college classes to teach, I also begin an online class as a student on Wednesday, choir begins, Master Chorale begins, Bible study begins, and the Holiday Grand Plan begins.

That’s a lot of beginnings. Accordingly, I did some housework and cooking, hemmed the new trousers, and then watched Mad Men with the intention of lolling about enough to feel ready to jump in today and get my online classes set up, my gradebook ready, and all that before our faculty meeting on Wednesday, while also doing a good job on my regular work.

I have a skirt cut out, but I decided, in the midst of my lolling, that I want to line the yoke with a print from which I plan to make a shirt. I therefore must cut out the shirt before I make the skirt. This isn’t how the sewing bloggers do their SWAPs. They cut everything out and organize it and sit down and sew all the long seams in one color of thread. That is much faster.

Still, I am having a much more normal life these days; I may be close to achieving that goal, at least briefly.