I went and sat through the Division meeting at the college. “Sat through” is really the only term for it.

The whole division of fine arts and communication was there, and we had a lot of speakers. A dozen, probably. Each of them felt that he or she had something really important to say, some had PowerPoints, one or two managed to be witty.

Overall, it was incredibly boring. I kept trying to be interested. I kept wondering whether, if I were full time faculty again instead of merely three quarter time, I would have been more interested. I tried to remember whether I had ever, in my full time teaching years, found these things interesting.

I don’t know. However, we had to go to the meeting in order to sign our contracts.

There were refreshments, of which I ate none, and social opportunities, in which I took no part. Then I came home and worked on my online courses.

It’s possible that Ididn’t try hard enough.

Later, I cooked dinner for the family and finished up the second of the fronts for this nice cardigan, “Flying Diagonals” from Lacy Little Knits. I even got a bit of a start on the back. It was a great relief to find that the lacy diagonal stripes met in the middle.

The back, as you can see here, has the lace ribs meet in the center, too. Since it’s one piece, I’m confident of keeping them straight. The sleeves will be another matter.

Supposing I succeed, then this nice cardigan in Endless Summer’s Connemara cotton will be very nice for fall and spring.

I tried to link you  to information about this yarn, but it seems to have been discontinued. Sorry. I was going to tell you how wonderful it was, but I will not do so, since I don’t want you to pine for it when it can’t be had. I am giving you a picture in better light, though, so you can appreciate the pattern.

Just don’t look at the yarn too closely so you won’t get smitten by it.

Next week all the school year things, like Tuesday class and Master Chorale and such, begin. I’m trying to enjoy some knitting while I can.