It’s the first day of school. It is, for us, the very last first day of school we’ll have. #2 son, the fourth kid, is a senior this year.

Back to School used to mean a new outift, a new backpack, a photograph of all the kids lined up in their new outifts, looking excited. #2 son, in particular, has always been very excited about the first day of school.

This year, he’s not excited. “I’m just going to get through it,” he says. He’s looking forward to going back to gymnastics, he’s shift leader at his job, he’s getting ready to do his college applications, he’s excited about having his driver’s license, but he’s not excited about school.

#1 son, #1 daughter, and I all start college next week. I looked up my class online last night to see what room I’d be in. I have a faculty meeting on Wednesday, and I need to get my syllabus done and plan what to say the first day. We all give the same first assignment, and it involves two readings, so I’ll either need to make copies or to post the things online… I think I need to do my campus webpage, too.

I mostly have my schedule figured out. I’ve drawn spaces for the anticipated new contract from Client #6, for work from Client #2 assuming he continues to have the same amount he’s had for me (I calculated the average of the past four months), for Client #4, for my Dark Art Lite clients, and for doing some marketing of my own. If all those spaces are indeed filled, then I’ll be able to get my dental work done and pay #1 son’s tuition, as well as #2 son’s gymnastics lessons, and the bills. I was able to pay for #2 son’s dental work, and that’s a blessing right there.

I also have some other things out there in the ether — Chanthaboune’s and my book proposal, an online writing job out of Houston, stuff like that for which I’ve applied but about which I’ve heard nothing, And then of course life is always full of surprises, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic overall.

There are two little things to be nervous about. One is that some of what I’m anticipating won’t turn up. I’m not going to make my dental appointment till I have Client #6’s contract in hand, but we’re kind of stuck with the tuition.  The other is that everything will turn up at once.

I’m letting Client #2 be my role model here. When I met with him last week about his new business venture, I said, “You initially told me that you wanted to add a client a week for this. Is that realistic? Could you actually serve a new client each week?”

“No,” he said, “but that’s still the goal.”

I appreciated the clothes-shopping advice yesterday. We don’t have any outlet stores around, but we do have a T.J. Maxx. That might be similar.

Well, then, I had better make that Back to School breakfast. Happy Monday to all!