Simplicity 2263

004 Here’s the blouse from Simplicity 2263. It’s constructed in an interesting way. The front and back are cut in one piece each, the back on the straight grain and the front on the bias. The back extends over the shoulders and meets up with the front right about at the collar bone.

When you heard that the front was cut on the bias, you might have thought that the front would have a graceful drape that would keep this top from being sacklike.

You might also have thought that it would cling and cup in odd ways. In fact, it’s a little of both. I doubt I’ll make it again, though I’m sure it will be fine under a jacket, which is where most of my tops end up. I made it in the sateen print, which is soft and lovely and reasonably well behave. I used the same stuff to line the yoke of the khaki skirt (the straight skirt from the same pattern), making the two pieces a set of some kind. I also cut the flared skirt from that pattern from the sateen.

I am following the rules admirably.
Master Chorale started up and La Bella and I went. We know most of the people there, and did a reasonable amount of friendly chatting. We’re singing a piece called Celebrations by Pirsichetti which is a setting of poems from Leaves of Grass. It was not easy.

However, last semester they premiered a piece by a New York composer whose name can hardly be said in the department without groans as the response. I punked out last term, but the director did talk a little about the piece. It was not, he said, the least successful premiere in which he had ever taken part.

The point he was making was that by comparison the Pirischetti will be easy.

I came home to an empty house, since my husband is in Las Vegas competing in the Nationals of the pool league (“league” may not be the right word here, but the other one that comes to mind is “guild,” which I’m quite sure is wrong). I had intended to hem the blouse and add fastenings to the skirt, but I did neither.

I have my first class tomorrow at 7:30 am.