While The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Splintered Bones have very little else in common, both involve communication with spirits. Watchful spirits, who know extra things about the living. I don’t believe that takes place, but I did think of it while trying to persuade #1 daughter and a newly off-to-college friend to make blogs for themselves. Blogs are a little like those magic gazing balls in movies like The Wizard of Oz, or perhaps Miss Mary Ann’s Magic Mirror on Romper Room: they allow you to take a peep into someone else’s life. You can be like a watchful spirit, looking at them when you want to know what’s up and they haven’t called for a while.

Blogs overcome the problems of the magic methods, because the blogger gets to pick what to put into the blog, so there is no question of intrusive peeping. And if the view is not to our liking, we don’t have to keep looking. But #1 daughter’s website gives me only a very stable view, with new pictures or personal tidbits only about every six months. She points out that this is why I have a knitting blog: I don’t have many people in my daily life with whom to share knitting, so I like to check out the projects of people I know only virtually. I get to talk to my family in real life. And that is true. But I still like to peep into the lives of my family members who have blogs, and I have become fond of my virtual knitting community members, even though I don’t know them any better than the hovering spirits.

I hand-overcast the boiled wool squares together, throwing out a few to make a Trip Around the World 5×5 square. If you have ever thought about doing this kind of project, let me tell you that it is probably the ultimate in coziness. So, for the parts that require you to hold the whole thing in your lap, you may prefer to wait until it cools off a little.

It is still hot here, though it is cooler than usual at this time of year — the 80s rather than 100s. Not exactly Last-Rose-of-Summer time, but we do have the feeling that every peach cobbler might be the last. The tomato plants are confused, too, and a few of the trees up on the campus have turned. Nonetheless, I am glad to finish the throw and get back to socks.