Yesterday I went and sang Brahms at my old church. People were very welcoming — I was really surprised. Not that I thought I wouldn’t be welcome, but I didn’t expect people to notice.

In the afternoon, La Bella and I went to the church picnic. It was lovely, sitting out under the trees overlooking the woods, talking with old friends while the children ran around laughing and playing child games like Run up the Steps and Jump Back Down Squealing.

It was very fun.

This morning I started class. When I arrived at the classroom, it was filled with art supplies, folders, piles of cardboard, enormous canvases, and stuff. The furniture was pushed together in the center, and there were gouges and great splodges of paint all over the tables.

The office was empty.

This is not the best way to start the semester.

However, class went reasonably well once I had cleaned up and moved all the furniture.