We all went to church yesterday — or at least me and #1 daughter, Son-in-law, and both my sons. My husband was at work and #1 daughter is still in another state. I shamelessly showed them all off, and took a shameful amount of pleasure in being told what a beautiful family I have. It’s true. Well-behaved, too. They make me proud.

Okay. No more bragging.

We sang Rutter’s “When the Saints Go Marching In” and then there was a potluck dinner and ice cream social. I sang in a quartet which spontaneously grew to an octet, and between the noise level and the distortion of the sound, it didn’t matter in the least what we sounded like.

Here is the back of pipes. I have put the sleeves on a couple of sleeve needles, left the body on the original large circular, and am doing a sleeve first.

Since I am using both Addi Turbos and a Knitpicks circular, I have a good opportunity to compare them. Thus far, I have not found that the turbos make me a faster knitter, but I do find that stitches drop off them irritatingly. If you want to leave part of the sweater on needles while you do another bit, I strongly recommend that you not use the turbos for the purpose. The Knitpicks needle is behaving just fine.

The Holiday Grand Plan has begun. The HGP is a schedule you can find if you click the link. Every week, you get a list of things to do: cleaning, cooking, shopping, and holiday preparation. If you follow the list, then you will have a clean house and all your holiday preparations done by Christmas with no money or time crunch in December. I’ve done this for years and it really works. This week we are to clean our front porch and make lists.

So I intend to do just that.

Musing on the list of gifts to make/ gifts to buy, I encountered a discussion at a knitting blog about whether people like handmade gifts enough to justify the trouble of making them — or would people really prefer a good CD and we should keep our handwork for ourselves and fellow artisans, who will appreciate them?