“Hark the glad sound!” is an Advent hymn which I never really sing. You can click on the link and find the words with three tunes. I like Ravenscroft the best, myself. However, this song includes lines like “He comes, from thickest films of vice/ to clear the mental ray,” and is thus disqualifed on the grounds of bad poetry from being sung at my house. You could sing the first and last verse, though, to any of the springhtly tunes supplied.

I’m including it, sort of on principle, because it seems to me that Advent hymns are being sung less and less, even in churches. Our church claims that no one wants to hear Christmas carols at their appointed time, that is between Christmas and Epiphany, so they have to jump right in with “Joy to the World” on the weekend after Thanksgiving. That means that the wonderful Advent hymns get short shrift. And if we only get to sing a few, we are of course not going to skip “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” or “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooking.” So we may end up with only three or four Advent carols that people even remember.

So think at least briefly of Phillip Doddridge and his 18th century Advent hymn.

The hostessof yesterday’s party had a pink and chartreuse color scheme for her lavish and lovely holiday decorations, and feather boas on her Christmas tree. Pretty cool.

I am plannng to take some portion of the day off today, finish up my decorating, get some buttons on Ivy,a nd also loll about in front of the fire enjoying the gloomy rainy day and reading.