I baked cookies yesterday, as you can see in this overexposed picture.

Chocolate cherry blossoms. I put them into the freezer, where I now have three sorts of cookies for Christmas. If I get a little more baking in, I’ll be able to do cookie boxes this year as I usually do.

My sons believe that all cookies should be made freshly between Dec 22 and Dec 25, but I think that the freezer is wonderful with cookies.

I also knitted up another skein of #2 son’s sweater, and now just have the sleeve caps to do. ideally, I’ll get it done before he comes home from college this week, and have it wrapped up and under the tree. If not,t hen I can make sure it fits before I finish it up, and that’ll be okay, too.

Today’s song is “Past Three O’clock” by George Woodward, the guy who wrote “Ding Dong Merrily on High.” He used an old wait’s chorus for the refrain, but wrote the rest, and with the sheet music  or a midi you can sing it yourself. (The last link is to a French site, and they’ve gotten a little confused about the lyrics.)

It’s about angels, and has a tune that works as well with excellent singing and brilliant harmonies as with raucous shouting, so I think this is a carol that everyone can enjoy. Admittedly, it can be hard to fit in a ll the words, since they run to stuff like this:

Seraph quire singeth, angel bell ringeth,
Hark how they rhyme it, time it and chime it.

Past three o’clock and a cold frosty morning,
Past three o’clock, good morrow masters all!

Mid earth rejoices hearing such voices
Ne’ertofore so well caroling Nowell.

But if it’s too hard, you can always just shout out the chorus.

You might enjoy a parody called “Past Two O’clock” by David W. Solomon. Not really a parody, but an alternate set of words for those whose holidays focus on celebration rather than angelic visitations.

I’m feeling pretty celebratory. The cantata went well and I really have no other extra stuff to do, just work and Christmas preparations. I may get my Christmas cards addressed during this morning’s final exam.