Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly” is another fine carol arranged by Gustav Holst. You probably know this guy as the composer of “The Planets,” but he did a very nice suite called “Christmas Day” in 1910 which included this lively Breton carol. This is a very joyful carol, which is fitting for today, a week before Christmas Eve. You can sing it, play it on your sackbut, or dance to it. It will enliven whatever you need to do.

For me, this is the last day for going into stores until Christmas. And possibly for quite a while after, too. Of course, I do not refer to the store where I work, since I will be there three days this week. But I must get stamps, batteries, cream, apple cider, Scotch Tape, and whatever else I have run out of that is needed for the holidays. If I don’t get it today, we will have to do without, that’s all.

I expect you are wondering about yesterday’s Big Music. It could have been worse. I missed, as far as I know, two notes in the bell piece. I do not like to miss any notes, but for bells, that’s not so bad.

It is not that I am a perfectionist. You know that. It is that I am a musician. So playing the right notes at the right time is the minimal expectation. Missing notes is like … hmm… trying to think of something comparable… Okay. How about if you read a page in a book and you only missed a couple of words? Doesn’t happen, right? Not once you are past third grade. So that is why missing notes in the bell pieces is distressing for me.

However this was only the second bell piece I have ever played, so I am hopeful of improving.

As for the choir pieces, they also could have been worse. I did not make them any worse than they were.

We made people cry, and had a standing ovation. Yes, in church, unseemly though that may be. I have never seen that happen before. It was either because the overall grandeur of the occasion swept people away, or because they love us in spite of how underrehearsed we are, and it was pretty cheering either way. We sat up there in the choir loft laughing.

Then I drove home in the crisp winter, with the dusting of snow, and had a cozy afternoon with my family.

The dogs are all getting along fine. I took pictures of the three of them together, but my family says I shouldn’t post them bcause they reveal how messy our house is at the moment, so I will clean the house up and try again.