I spent the whole weekend in holiday preparations. This in good in that  I’m now pretty well prepared for the holidays.

It’s not good in that I have lots of work to do before the holidays. However, the boys are going climbing, so I’ll have the house to myself and will not be distracted by their frivolity.

Yeah, like that’s been the issue.

Anyway, here you can see some lovely Apricot Almond bars. I also made Cranberry Chocolate Chip cookies with weird stripey chocolate chips. They’re quite pretty and sparkly looking.

I also made soap, some of which is actually sparkly, because it has glitter in it. Special soap-making glitter. I scented these with Cranberry Fig, Frankincense and Myrrh, and Christmas Forest.

Today’s song is “The Holly and the Ivy,” in honor of the solstice. I can offer you sheet music and a video of the Winchester Cathedral Choir singing it really well.

However, I was startled to read this morning that this song was first created as an advertisement in 1700. I can’t confirm this story, sos if you like to think of this as a medieval carol combining ancient pagan imagery with the newly-popular Christmas story, feel free. It’s a wonderful carol, and nice in small groups as well as in big choral arrangements.

Here is a terrible photo of a pair of nice wooly slippers, felted to a good sturdy thickness.

It takes about three movies to make a pair of these, if you don’t make mistakes while working on them.

I might finish another pair.

Yesterday did include some dramas, including the launch of a new homepage from one of my clients. He’s showcasing Easter products. They aren’t available yet, and no one wants Easter stuff right now, anyway. So that’s a bit frustrating in its way. However, I’m also starting on a Passover travel website, so I guess I can work out strategies for the two of them together. #2 daughter and I have a virtual meeting planned this evening to get it worked out.