Monday December 22, 2008

12 Yesterday was a baking day.

Not much cleaning, I fear, but my houseguests won’t start arriving till tomorrow, so I have today.

I need to do a bit of work today. Lot a lot, but a couple of hours’ worth. Therefore, the song for today is “Christmas for Cowboys,” a song about working on Christmas. Not that it’s Christmas, and not that I’m planning to work on Christmas, either. The song is by Steve Weisberg, and it has a really pretty tune. You can hear it here. Find the words and chords here.  This song is kind of stupid, I’ll admit, but it’s actually a really good one for my voice, so I think I may sing it around the house today. I would also recommend it for your violin, mandolin, or guitar.

And it matches the stupid book I’m reading. And, for the most part, enjoying. I may not get clear through it, but it was free.

12 The bells went better yesterday, from my point of view.

The explanation of how to count for the bells made a real difference. We were doing an easier piece, and there were actually a few measures when I didn’t play — this rarely happens, because I play the middle C, which is one of those highly popular notes.

I made no mistakes.

This isn’t really a good goal, musically, I usually take it as given that I won’t make mistakes. Not with bells, though. I was totally thrilled to be able to read the music and play the notes. I ask for nothing more.

Yesterday afternoon, while making cookies, I saw the concert of the Raleigh Ringers, a well-known bell choir, if that isn’t too much of an oxymoron..12

They are perfectly amazing. They played most of “The Nutcracker Suite.”

My cookies were not amazing, but they were nice. There were gingerbread animals, which may end up with coats of icing.

Then there were eggnog cookies, which got painted.

There were also dog biscuits

These were supposed to be divided amongst the favored dog owners at Saturday’s brunch, but there was a concatenation of circumstances that prevented it. Therefore, our own dogs may get to eat them all.

12 I gave them a taste — one biscuit shared among the three — and I can tell you that they will be totally okay with eating them all.

You mix 2 cups of whole-wheat flour, 1 1/4 c grated cheese, 2 cloves of garlic, and 1/4 c oil. Add enough broth to make a dough (treat this like pie crust), roll it out, cut them, and bake them.

I used the dog bone cookie cutter since I intended to give them away. For household use, though, I think you could just cut them into rectangles with a pizza cutter and the dogs would still love them.

You could also cut them with cookie cutters like cats or postmen.

Today I have a couple of hours of work and probably also a couple of hours of errands. I usually have all that sort of thing done before Advent begins, but there it is. I now face the consequences.







6 responses to “Monday December 22, 2008”

  1. chanthaboune Avatar

    When you said “I gave them a taste,” I thought ‘them’ referred to the dog bones. As in, you had taken one, split it in three, then you and the boys ate it.

    I was grossed out for a moment.

  2. sighkey Avatar

    🙂 I had the same thought as chanthaboune – I wasn’t grossed out tho. I tried a dog biscuit once. It was very dry and had very little taste – I assume they are more tasty for dogs.

    I would never have thought to make dog biscuits. I might get around to trying out your recipe some day.

  3. alissasorenson Avatar

    …cats or postmen. Hee hee. Maybe I will make these for my dog today. I don’t know if she will eat them, though. Maybe if I put chunks of beef in them. She’s picky. Cow shaped?

    Maybe I will learn Christmas for Cowboys on my violin, too.

  4. fibermom Avatar

    @sighkey – These smelled great. Garlic and cheese — they might make nice human crackers, really. I didn’t eat any though.

    @chanthaboune – You can try one when you get here.

  5. fibermom Avatar

    @alissasorenson – I was thinking about your violin, actually.