Here is our Christmas tree. I will be going back to work today (and back to the gym, too, I swear), but the rest of the family is still on vacation. So it will be nice to come home to the tree and the relaxed, playing people. Hmm… Maybe there will also be a tidy house and a healthy dinner waiting when I get home.

Okay, enough dreaming.

Son-in-Law has received his next assignment. He will be on a “fast attack” out of Groton, Connecticut. This means he will be at sea for six months of the year, while #1 daughter stays alone in Groton. She is a grown-up, though. She will be 22 next month. She can look after herself. Or she can just come back here while her husband is on the sub.

Here is a picture of the boat in question:  And here is the surprising thing I found when I went to look for a picture of the boat:

Not that we have spent our entire holiday worrying about our kid. My husband also taught one of our dogs to wear glasses. We do not know why he wanted to do this, but it must have seemed like a good idea at the time. I think he could have taught her to do something more useful, like fetch the paper.

Today’s song is “Gesu Bambino,” a carol written in 1917 by Pietro Yon.

Here it is arranged for violin, viola, and cello. We couldn’t come up with that at my house, but hey, if you have a little chamber orchestra on hand, it’s perfect.

My favorite recording of this beautiful song is by Kathleen Battle and Christopher Parkening, but there are many others, including instrumental recordings. It is not exactly a popular carol, but it should be. It is good for singing around the piano.