Today’s song is “Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning” , a really pretty hymn well-suited to singing around the piano.

I’m not singing around the piano today. I’m plunging into work, with #2 son snoozing away on the daybed in his bedroom which I took over as an office while he was away at school. I have lots of interesting work today, including a five-lesson unit for the arts center and a new project, a forthcoming site for shopmobbing in Chicago, and any Chicagoans who’d like to share their impressions of the shopping scene there will be greatly appreciated.

I started the day with Wii Fit, a fun way to exercise. I’m growing concerned about my health — to the point of making it a high priority in my goals for next year. I don’t want to act like my business is now so settled that it’ll take care of itself, but it does at least seem stable enough that I don’t have to be as obsessive about it as I was last year.

Having taken a long weekend has made me remember that I have other interests in life, and could enjoy having some evenings and perhaps even weekends off. This week is, for me, the week for looking back over the past year and planning for the upcoming one.

It should probably also be the time of year for filing and cleaning up my accounting and stuff like that.

With a side of continuing frivolity, eating of cookies, and playing games.