Since it is the feast of St. Nicholas today, you will want to sing a song about St. Nicholas. Here is “Jolly Old St. Nicholas,” a 19th century song which is very cute when sung by children:

Or perhaps you would prefer “Le legend de St-Nicolas,” a song which my mother used to sing to us children:

It has a much better tune. On the other hand, it also has a particularly dreadful story. Three little children are made into sausages by a peculiar butcher. Seven years later, St. Nicholas happens by and revives them, rather than eating them for dinner, as he was about to do. Since it is in French, the non-French speakers among us can ignore the story entirely. True, the tune is in a minor key, but so many fine carols are. Perhaps no-one will notice.

The Gibbons went well, and I have only one more repeat to finish on the DNA scarf. With concentration, brief blogging, and further ignoring of the housework, I will complete this scarf today.