My husband got out with the snow shovel yesterday. My class for today is canceled, so I can get into the enormous mountain of other work I have for the day. 

On the other hand, I’ve missed a session from each of my face to face classes now, so we’re behind. Today’s class also missed the first Monday for Martin Luther King Day, so I feel like I’m really behind with them.

Nothing I can do about it, I guess.

Here you see the dog Toby messing around in the snow, and the cat Nadia trying out the new ottoman cover. The new ottoman cover looks just like the old one, except not so shabby.

I talked last night with #2 son. He’s been having adventures with his Ultimate Frisbee team, and they’re planning a Spring Break trip to Georgia, as well as some touring in Louisiana. He also has made close friends at school, and is going to the Formal this weekend.

I asked who he was taking to the Formal, in a spirit of mischievousness, I suppose, because neither of my sons will tell me anything at all about the girls they date. On principle, I think.

#2 son doesn’t even tell his siblings. They were speculating, at Christmas, about a girl who shows up a lot on his Facebook page. My sons don’t even have me as a Facebook friend, so I know nothing about this girl. That’s the way he wants it, too.

So when I asked who he was going with, he sputtered a little and then said he didn’t know, but he’d probably go with a group. I didn’t press it.

Presumably, boys get their ideas of how to be a man from their dads. Mine are therefore Men of Mystery. Sigh.

But it’s good to know that #2 son is happy at school. He appears also to be studying. #1 son also appears to have a good balance of study and fun at school.

#2 daughter and I were talking about 5-year plans yesterday. In 2015, I’ll have all my crew out of college. I can divert the tuition money to a salary for one of my girls and ramp up expansion of my business.

Actually, there could be lots of surprises between now and then.

I remember, when I turned 45, feeling as though I was on a predictable and stable path and probably nothing very amazing would happen for the entire rest of my life.

Ha ha ha ha ha. As the kids say.