stlouis 006 Here is where #1 son went for the weekend and what he was doing.

(Is it only me, or does xanga like to upload half a dozen copies of each picture on your computers, too?)

My weekend was less exciting, but I am feeling much better today. I even got a walk in yesterday, and also made some things.

I made some bath gel. Now when I say that I made it, I just mean that I put the scent into the base. No chemistry, just art. I put in moss, musk, and sandalwood for the bass notes — or I guess, the bass, baritone, and tenor. Then honey for the alto, rose for the mezzo, and a flourish of lily for brilliance at the top. This makes a beautiful, sexy scent, if you are ever in the mood for such a thing. I buy the base a gallon at a time, and the price per ounce for mystlouis 011 homemade stuff is very low, but the quality is very high. I highly recommend it.

I scrubbed the bathroom. Housework is one of the things that I really let slip while I was ill, with predictable results. So, without undoing the good work of resting up a bit, I still did some scrubbing.

I also worked on a prayer shawl and the quilting of the table runner.

It felt good to have a productive day.

We have houseguests coming in a week or two. You know we are hospitable people and have houseguests fairly often, but it struck me that it has been years since we had a houseguest over the age of 25. stlouis 050 One of the guests this time is 30. He might expect more in the way of comfort than lots of food and a bare spot to sleep in.

In fact, this guy is the first non-kid we have met in the position of Individual Dating One of Our Kids. This position has naturally always been filled by kids. My son-in-law is a kid, in fact. We’re always courteous and respectful to kids, anyway, but it is possible that the dynamic may be different. Maybe we need wine and lovely salads rather than large roasts and video games.

I’ll think about that.

I need to spend some time with my calendar today, in fact. I have been doing the work with the highest urgency rating and letting it go at that, but it is time to look beyond that and see what longer-term stuffstlouis 026 I’ve dropped.

If nothing else, I have three cooking shows and two workshops scheduled in this month, as well as the houseguests and another meeting or two. I also hear that this week’s soloist is down with the flu, so I may need to prepare something as a backup for her, in case she’s not improved by Sunday. And I need to call the insurance people and see exactly how much of the large sum of health care money they would reimburse, supposing I were able to come up with it.

#1 son is heading out for some serious jobhunting today, he says. I may have the house empty and quiet, which would definitely facilitate the serious planning I need to do.