Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I was a child, my mother always made a special breakfast table on holidays, with holiday paper plates and cups and napkins, and candy in the cups. Naturally, I have done the same for my own children. I put holiday pencils, stickers, and candy in the cups, appropriate books on the table, and make a theme breakfast of some kind. Now that my youngest is 13, I have tried to give it up, but they complain if I skip this important tradition. In fact,  #1 son warned me last week that they were expecting treats today. So they will have treats.

When they were smaller, we also made valentines, iced cookies, centerpieces, and other such projects, but they will no longer do that. Someone told me, when my daughters were teens, that once they left home, the boys wouldn’t do that sort of thing any more, and they were right. My sons humor me a lot, and will still go places with me, but the fact is, teenage guys rarely choose to do crafts with their moms. So, if you have younger children, take that piece of advice someone gave me, and enjoy it now. I am sure that there were things I left undone while we made holiday sweatshirts for the family or attended the Apple Blossom Festival, but I can’t remember now what they were, so they can’t have been all that important.