I’m just a few inches from the end of Salt Peanuts. It is of course possible that the second sleeve won’t work for some reason and I’ll have to redo something, but still, the end is in sight. I’ve sewn the other pieces together and it looks like it’ll be a successful sweater. It is now time to choose my next knitting project.

It’s a pleasure to do this, isn’t it? I have a stash of yarn — enough Telemark for a sweater, enough laceweight for a shawl. I’ll even have a few skeins of the bulky Wonderwool from Salt Peanuts left, if I want to do some accessory to match the sweater.

I was, all that long time ago before I began Salt Peanuts, thinking of making this shawl. I’m concerned, though, since I take so little time to knit these days, that it would be too hard to keep track of lace. I’m doing pretty well, in 2010, about taking some knitting time on the weekends, but who knows if I’ll maintain that.

I was thinking about this cardigan from Interweave Knits. I’d use the gray Telemark for it — but I also have skeins of complementary colors, so I might ought to plan a colorwork project for that yarn.
I still have a couple of Scandinavian  colorwork pattern books that I haven’t used.

There are also some glove/mitten patterns I’ve been admiring: Kingdom Gloves and Chevalier Mittens (the pattern is in Finnish as well as English, for your convenience).

Both are complex, but they’re small, and I might finish them in some reasonable amount of time.

It might be wiser to make something very simple, like a one-piece raglan, which I can ignore for months without being completely lost when I pick it up again.

In any case, it was a pleasure to sit with my stack of knitting books, looking at all the possibilities as I worked on Salt Peanuts.

It might also be smart of me to plan on doing some quilting instead of knitting for a while. I have a couple of unquilted tops. We’d have been glad of them, had I gotten them done in time to provide warmth for this winter.