Church yesterday, where we prayed for those who still don’t have power, and compared tree damage stories. 1

Then I came home and worked. I’m just about to catch up.

In addition to working, I read Blue Blood, by Susan McBride. This gave me an odd sense of deja vu when I graded a paper by a student of the same name. Like, didn’t I already grade her paper? That’s not the same topic, though… Then it struck me.

This novel was disappointing to me, actually. I wouldn’t give it an A. I’ve enjoyed several others of the same series, so I was excited when Booksfree sent me the first in the series. There’s a sassy heroine and snappy repartee and clever metaphors. But the first book has a high level of whining. Poor me, my parents gave me everything but love. I still live off the trust fund they set up for me, but in my heart I’m an artist. I get my mom or her minions to do stuff for me every day but I show my fierce independence by rejecting the pretty dresses she gives me.

Like that. True, the book started off with the whiny girl whining about having dinner with a wealthy philosophy 1 major who played the pipe organ and told her about his trip to Tibet. Oh, I’m so bored! Why won’t they let me have a hamburger, which would be so much more authentic and cool than salmon. Eeeeuw, this guy is so boring, talking about philosophy, why does my mom always do this to me?

McBride wised up by the time she wrote the later books, so I would just recommend that you skip this one.

I also made lemon bars. I use the Southern Living recipe, obviously. I mean, I have standards. I use a larger pan, so that each individual lemon bar is thinner. That means you can eat two. We had this with pork chops in raspberry chipotle sauce, rice, and salad.

This meal did not tempt the boys away from the Super Bowl.

I was invited to a Super Bowl party, actually, but I was determined to catch up on my work before the beginning 1of the week.  At least that’s my excuse.

I stayed home with my menfolks and knitted after I had done all the work I could stand.

The Doctor’s Bag is coming along — well, I’m not sure I can say nicely. I’m using small needles and a heavy yarn so I’ll get a really stiff fabric. This is what I want as far as final outcome goes, but it’s not fun to knit a stiff fabric. Especially not with a texture stitch.

I’m making this much smaller than the original. The pattern says to make the front 20 x 11, and I’m going with 14.5 x 8, preserving the shape but in handbag size rather than suitcase size. I may have enough of this yarn to make a suitcase size one later. I still have this fantasy about traveling around doing my work on a laptop, and a matching purse and weekender fit right into the fantasy.

I read a sewing blogger who says that when she makes an outfit that doesn’t fit into her current life, it encourages her to expand her current life so she’ll have someplace to wear the outfit. Not an altogether bad plan.