Scriveling identified the book I was after — and others made some intriguing suggestions, too,which I will have to look into later. Many thanks!

Since I’ve left this so late, I ordered the book from Amazon, along with Yorkshire Tea, and just blinded myself to the horrible price of shipping. And since I was blind to shipping, I went ahead and added to my order a couple of out-of-print books I have been wishing for, which were selling for under $1 each, with $4 apiece for shipping. I don’t know what their shippers are thinking of — I suppose they will sell my name and address to someone, since there is no way they can be making any money by selling me their books for pennies. The shipping for my order was equal to the order itself. Do the rest of you resent this as much as I do?

Okay. I am over it.

We are not over the snow. I did not go to church. The Poster Queen emailed me that her church cancelled services, so it may be as well that I did not slog through the snow and ice, only perhaps to find the church doors locked.

This is a picture of my road. You may not be able to discern which part is the road, because the whole thing is covered with snow. Also, we had a rain of ice, which makes a lovely tinkly sound and renders travel very perilous. Today I will have to venture out of my house, not only to work, but to a workshop in another town. I am giving the workshop, so it might be remarked upon if I do not go. At the moment, I am hoping for a miraculous clearing of the roads between now and time to leave.

Chanthaboune says she is laughing at me. In fact, she says that all of them up there are laughing at me. Oh, well. I am glad to have been able to bring a little pleasure into their overworked lives.

When you are snowed in, you can do a lot of things, even while being lazy and snow-day-ish.

I put the fringe on the Pacific Homespun prayer shawl, which has been sitting around unfringed for an embarrassing length of time. I have now begun another, in cotton-candy pink. Someday there will be a little girl who needs a prayer shawl, and she will be thrilled to have something so extremely pink.

Here is the free pattern. Here is information about the ministry.

I completed the encyclopedia entry and emailed it off to the encyclopedia folks. They were sending the contract in the mail for me to sign and mail back. Since the work came and went by email, I didn’t receive the contract before I finished the work. This sort of situation is probably becoming more common. I also have qualms about it — did I proof it enough? Was it really complete? It is so easy to shoot off an email — as we have seen in the news lately. Without the intermediary of paper to slow things down, there might not be sufficient thought.

I finished the floral skirt, though I did not do any more work on the other sewing projects. This was mostly a recycling job, with an elastic waistband, so it hardly even counts. But I like it a lot anyway. The other skirt needs a zipper, and I used the snow day =sloth equation to to persuade myself to ignore it.

I moved on beyond the whole testes comparison chart (it proved that humans are not naturally inclined toward promiscuity) in The Ancestor’s Tale and learned many things about marsupials and monotremes and herps, which last are defined as “things herpetologists study,” which Dawkins admits is a lame definition. Heading on into birds, I particularly enjoyed the discussion of fashion and memes (if you only know this term in the blog context, or if you would enjoy an introduction to Dawkins, you might like to click here and read a chapter from The Selfish Gene, the book which introduced the word.)

I finished the knitting of the Olympic Knitting item, namely the modular knit bag.

On the right, you can see it before felting, sitting in the snow where there was enough light to photograph it. On my monitor, at least, the colors are very accurate in this picture. After I had done the back triangles for the top row, I bound off and picked up stitches to make a hem at the same time, so the edge is very neatly finished. This would be a good way to make claws or dinosaur spines on stuffed toys, as well as flower petals.

Below, you can see it drying after being felted. I think it is still big enough, and the blurring of the design was a definite plus. In general, I do not like felting of colorwork. You have worked so hard to make a beautiful many-colored design, after all, and then you felt it and lose all definition.

However, if you are new to colorwork and want to feel free to mess it up, you could practice on an item that will end up being felted. This little bag, in spite of this badly overexposed photo by the fire, is turning out to look very good indeed.

I am going to use some suede ribbon (I don’t know what else to call it) for the drawstrings. I ran a strand of twine through the holes before felting it in order to keep them open. I will wait until it is completely dry to decide about lining it.

It is therefore not entirely finished, but I am sure it will be by the time the Olympics end.

Was it challenging enough? I think so. It is certainly the least successful and most difficult bit of knitting I’ve done in some time. And I mean that in a good way.

It will be a relief to get back to my Alice Starmore cardie. And you don’t hear that sentence much in the knit blogs.