2 As you know, I’m not allowed to post recognizable pictures, but I think this one passes. It also shows how we spent the weekend — playing games. This is people playing Wii.

Yeah, not much of a picture, but all the good ones had faces in them.

Catchphrase was the most popular game of the weekend, but we also played Malarky, Cranium, and Wheedle, and some members of the group played Legend of Zelda, Monkey Ball, chess, and scrabble. M. Bassoon argued fervently for Monopoly, but luckily we don’t own Monopoly, so that was okay.

There was also talking, eating, and showing of photo albums. I like to look at photo albums, myself, but I hesitate to show them to people because many people famously do not like them. #2 daughter did not hesitate to show them to M. Bassoon, and he was her guest, so I guess that was okay. There were small amounts of music and television. And of course whatever the kids got up to after we oldsters went to bed.

High points of the weekend:

  • The Oldest Member of the choir in his scarlet fedora.
  • #2 daughter making like a rock star as song leader in the first service.
  • #2 son flipping and turning in the air in gymnastics class, while I thought, “He can’t have done what I just saw him do.”
  • Swans on the duck pond.
  • The fierce concentration of #1 daughter and #1 son playing chess.
  • The bliss of the dogs, since the people were all sitting around absently petting them.
  • My husband cooking.
  • Far-ranging discussions.

2 After the guests left, I watched Flashdance and got some more of the quilting done on the table runner I started last year. Table runners normally take me about six weeks to complete. I don’t know why this one has taken this long.

I enjoyed Flashdance. I saw it in the theater when it first came out, and enjoyed it then, but it has been made fun of so thoroughly since then that I almost expected not to enjoy seeing it again.

I was dancing myself when it came out, and I did not see anything salacious in the dance scenes (the strip club scene didn’t really count as a dance scene), though I recall thinking that the dancing in the bar seemed too arty to be convincing. Would men in a bar actually want to watch such things? We thought not, me and the other dancers I watched the movie with. The script is fairly minimalistic, or stupid if you prefer, the heroine is a pottymouth, and the guy is quite a bit too old for her, but the dancing is still very good. I did notice, this time around, that the camera focuses quite a bit on bottoms. I assume the fact that I’m not dancing nowadays is what made this obvious to me — but it could be #2 son’ comment, “I don’t think this is the kind of movie I’m supposed to watch.”

Anyway, it’s Monday. I’m plying The Dark Art of SEO today. I spent much of Friday analyzing our numbers and checking out our competition. Our numbers are good, though I’ve been able to find folks with better numbers. Our webmaster claims that we’ve had over 4,000 hits since Friday. With the oft-sited typical online conversion rate of 2%, we should have had 80 orders over the weekend, but we didn’t. So is our conversion rate truly dismal, and if so, why? Or is our webmaster mistaken, and if so, why? This is my quest today: to answer these burning questions. Also to pack up for tomorrow’s workshop.

I also have to lift the novels ban long enough to finish Lunch at the Piccadilly for book club. We’re meeting on Wednesday, and I am not even halfway through.