22507 002 I was indeed The Slave of Duty yesterday, and the day ended — as does the operetta — with Unbounded Domesticity.

(If you didn’t catch the allusion, then you’re not up on your Gilbert and Sullivan.)

I made my sewn FO of the Week, another Kwik Sew 3039.

This was a fabric from SWAP Part II, but the top works well with pieces from SWAP Part I — which is of course how it is supposed to work.

However, since SWAP Part II is supposed to be for warm weather, a turtleneck may not have been the best choice in the scheme of things, even though it is certainly cold enough now to wear it.

And yes, my family look at me as though I am daft when I do photos like this.22507 005


22507 004



22507 003 Following the sewing was the knitting. I was attempting to read, but there were going on in the living room all at the same time the following things:

  • full volume practicing of blues guitar and harmonica
  • television and/or Wii games
  • World of Warcraft

All of these things are loud, and involved shouting. I also had conversations with all my female relatives and my Tuesday class leader, all enjoyable in spite of having to conduct them over the loud noises.

My mother used to go into her bedroom and close the door, but I like being together with the family on these afternoons.

I just don’t get a lot of reading done.

The book I am showing you today — Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely — is not one you sit down and read, but it is a book that I rely on a lot.

Formerprincess had asked a long time ago about fast healthy dinners. I think I mentioned stir-fry and crockpot meals, but I should have mentioned this book. It has lots of fast, easy meals, and all of them are healthy. It also has shopping lists — if you buy what Leanne tells you to buy, then you can make six dinners, and you won’t be thinking “Oh, no, there’s no food in the house!” till Friday.

22507 008 Here’s the one I made on Friday.

You mix orange juice, honey, garlic, and red pepper flakes.

You also chop up some cilantro and green onions.

Now, I will tell you frankly that I don’t use her proportions. We like things spicy at our house.

But you get those two things mixed up, as you can see in the picture here.

Then put a tablespoon each of butter and olive oil in a skillet. Brown some boneless chicken in that pan, and then throw in the sauce mixture. Cook it a few minutes to reduce the sauce.22507 006

Put all the chicken on a dish and sprinkle the green stuff over it.

If you put some brown rice in your rice machine at some point in the day, and then steam up some frozen vegetables, you have a healthy, fast dinner.

Are you thinking that the domesticity does not appear unbounded yet?

Well, I did laundry and dishes and such, but not much cleaning. In fact, there is a grave need of cleaning around here. The GP has moved to the master bedroom. This week is the week to clean the master bath. Usually, this section is pretty light for me. I try to keep my bed and bath pleasant even when the rest of the house is out of hand, so that I will have an oasis.

However, the excessive excitement in my life lately has gotten in the way of that.

22507 001 Here, in fact, is my bathroom.

Pretty shocking, eh?

This is the “before” picture. I’m planning to clean it thoroughly tonight.

I had planned to clean it thoroughly yesterday. I had intended to have the “before” picture and the triumphant “after” picture. Somehow, taking the “before” picture sapped my will to clean it. It seemed hopeless.

I returned to my knitting.

Happy Monday to all!