2 The music went well yesterday, though I sounded pretty bad. By the time I got home,  I was ready to admit that I was actually sick. I spent the afternoon in the recliner with a stack of trashy novels and cups of tea.

My husband was stretched out on the couch coughing and sneezing. He is better today, and headed in to work. I am not better. I sound like a seal. My husband had a list of errands for me. I suggested that he should do them after work.

He often has things he thinks I should do since I work from home, and I tend to think he should do them, since he finishes work early. I am aware that everyone thinks that they do more than their fair share of all shared tasks. It’s just our nature. But on days like this, I do feel as though I do everything.2

We’ll see what happens.

I did stir long enough to make a Super Bowl feast, though we called out for pizza to round it out.

The dogs enjoyed the Super Bowl a lot. There was shouting, and people were eating things, and everyone was in the same room, so they got excited and raced around. Actually, Toby and Fiona, the red dogs, raced around. You can see their ears flying in this picture. Spicer, the newest dog, wants to join in this game, but she hasn’t figured out how. Her game is fetch, which she plays obssessively as long as anyone will throw a ball for her. She can be exhausted from running back and forth on her short legs, with her tongue hanging out, but she still wants to play. She puts the ball on your lap and barks till you throw it.

I do not throw it, by the way. I get nagged to do things enough by the humans in the household, in my opinion.

I plan to do the essential computer work and then go back to bed. #1 son went out after the game and bought me some Nyquil. I saw, when I checked online to make sure I gave him enough money for the task, a page warning that Nyquil contains “strong narcotics.” Frankly, I am just in the mood for strong narcotics.