Here’s the view out my door this morning.

The next picture is where I teach, and then I also have a picture of the road in between, once the sun came up properly.

It’s been snowing ever since I took these pictures this morning, so by now it’s lots snowier, but I’m not going out in it.

I’ve been averaging about two new assignments a day, I think, but today I got three completely new jobs, plus a couple of new things from old or continuing people and calls from some regulars.

One of my IT guys called me to say that he wanted me to care about him and worry about him.

I assured him that I do indeed care.

“You’re not a developer,” he informed me. “Sometimes you have to have things explained to you really simply.”

I agreed with him.

He told me that he still wanted to work things out.

From his side of the conversation, it probably sounded like an extremely weird bf/gf call.

“No wonder those computer guys are all single,” passersby were probably saying to one another.

I’m joining him and all his developers for a meeting tomorrow.

“We’re all getting together tomorrow. You can come if you want,” he said. “We’ll all get up and say where we’re from and present.” I had a momentary fear that he was expecting me to fly there. “Get together” and “get up” sound so physical world, don’t they?

Then I returned to my senses, fortunately before I said anything that would remind him again that I wasn’t a developer. So I’m meeting with him and the lads tomorrow, virtually. I have no idea what I’ll say if I have to get up and present.

“Hi,” perhaps, “I’m the woman in this outfit. I really care about all you guys.”

However, one of the new things was an invitation to come and speak to a group in the next county south of here. It’s a terrifying drive, but good for networking, prestige, local contacts, and they’re paying me, so I’ll need to do it. Maybe I’ll take a cab. Or if I start right now I could walk there.