Yesterday I sang “Born on a New Day” in the early service, one final opportunity to perform this year’s favorite Christmas carol. It being the Sunday after Epiphany, the sermon still had strong overtones of “turning point,” which is also the point of that song, so it seemed appropriate.

In Sunday school, we had a reading that said that we should “acquire a taste for correction.” I think this might not be easy to do, really. I like advice, myself, but even so I may not have a taste for correction.

The reading said we should have godly mentors who would be honest with us when we were on the wrong path, so we tried to imagine not only how we’d respond if someone told us we were on the wrong path, but also how we might tell someone else if we felt that they were on the wrong path.

We were able to come up with some ideas, but it did seem to boil down to this: you have to have close enough relationships with people to be willing to be accountable to them, and to be able to hear their loving correction.

I sang in the second service as well, and then walked on home and did some reading and knitting and baked some nice whole wheat bread.

See how long the sleeve of the sweater is getting?

It was warmer yesterday, but still cold, so I had a welter of covers, and when I got up to get a cup of tea, the cat seized the opportunity to seize the chair. She looks happy, doesn’t she?