We’re hosting the town Martin Luther King celebration at our church on Saturday. We had a year’s notice, but the committee didn’t continue to keep in touch, so I guess it was forgotten. Now we have a week to plan and arrange everything.

The task is complicated by our white choir director who, though he actually loves music from the African American tradition and routinely performs it, is convinced that having white people sing this music would be offensive. We have African American church members, and participate in group singing with the historically African American churches in our neighborhood, so why this is an issue now I don’t know. I suggested that Martin Luther King Day is not actually a block power celebration, and that as Americans we are entitled to feel proud of the diversity of our cultural heritage. I asked him whether, when he sees African American opera singers, feels that they are mocking his European American heritage. I don’t know whether this helped at all.

We also have people focusing on the sound system. The pastor said he would have to hire someone, and began discussing elaborate plans. Since the church website has been through the same process — deciding there was a need, deciding to hire someone, going through all kinds of planning and preparation — but then stalled while waiting for funding to be approved, I don’t see any chance that this will actually take place by Saturday night.

The worship team meeting last night went well, though, I think. We were efficient, but also addressed everyone’s concerns, though I did stop a couple of rambling conversations and suggest that they belonged in another meeting.

I had a couple of contacts from potential new clients yesterday — an interview request and a request for a site analysis. I also had a developer from New York say I seemed very plugged in, which was nice. I mean, here I am all rural and everything, and also someone’s mom, so having a developer from NY be impressed with my level of plugged-in-ness was cool, right? He also remarked that my style of instant messaging suggested that I had a sharp mind, but while it was a kind remark it’s not really news. I said I wouldn’t deny it — would he?

Lively conversations are also going on in my online class’s discussion room. I’m really happy about that, since feeling disconnected appears to be a big problem with distance learning. The students are not only talking to me, but also to each other, and they’re helping one another figure out how to make their homepages and everything. This makes me feel optimistic.

I meet my face-to-face class for the first time this morning. My class list suggests greater ethnic diversity this term. I like that because it’ll help me learn their names faster. The class is early, and there may be lots of traffic. I fear that it will interfere with my blogging, but it might just mean I’ll have to leave my email till after class.

My plan is to leave quite early in case of traffic, and to take my gym bag, so as to stop by the gym on my way back. At the moment, I have no billable hours for this week except for my teaching and a little Dark Art Lite. This is of course not good news,  from a financial perspective. However, I still have quite a lot of unbillable stuff to catch up with, so I’m trying to look on it as a positive thing. And it does mean that I should be able to go to the gym without feeling stressed about how late I get back to my computer.

My classroom is near a waffle emporium, and I was giving serious thought to going up really early and treating myself to breakfast out, but of course I can’t do that when I have hardly any work this week. Maybe I’ll pick up some hours before Wendesday’s class.