pipes107 Here’s Pipes. I haven’t shown you many pictures of this project because… well… it’s dark blue stockinette, isn’t it? But I have been working on it.

It’s time to make sleeve decisions.

I am making this sweater for #2 daughter, and am waiting for her instructions on the sleeves. So far, I’ve been told to make the sleeves “long. Grotesquely long. Gorilla long,” but I was hoping for actual numbers. Inches, maybe. And of course it is necessary to decide very soon whether to narrow them down with ribbing, to leave them loose and finish with a border, or whether in fact I should pull them out and narrow them more from the start.

I am applying for a job today. It has been many years since I have done this, since I have been in my current job for about a decade and a half. But, as I always tell my kids when they agonize over applying for things, they won’t necessarily offer me the job and I won’t necessarily accept it if they do, so it is no big deal.

I’ll keep you posted.