Ozarque has a picture up of one of her crocheted wallhangings.

Wendy had (it’s a couple of days back — scroll briskly past the pictures of the cat, but do admire the sweater on the way) some interesting things to say about knitting things and never wearing them. She describes herself as “a process knitter” — that is, she enjoys the knitting and it doesn’t matter what happens to the stuff after it is knitted. Someone recommended that she knit non-wearable artwork. This is mostly what Ozarque does with her crocheting. She creates art.

I am a bit troubled by the waste involved in Wendy’s approach, since there are people out there who could really use a nice sweater. She could take a leaf from The Quiltmaker’s Gift and be a Good Wool Fairy to the cold and needy of her community. Still, there are after all people who buy clothes and never wear them, so why shouldn’t Wendy have her sweater collection? It is no worse, really, to keep a lot of wool around in the form of sweaters than to keep it in your stash in the form of potential sweaters.

She also has some rather Libertarian remarks about personal freedom, which I noticed mostly because I’ve noticed that philosophical strain in her remarks before. And I suppose because we have, chez fibermom, been discussing Alioto, the Bill of Rights, and whether it is possible to make decisions based on evidence and the Constitution without reference to any underlying philosophical positions. I’m inclined to think that one’s philosophy of life informs all one’s decisions.

I always wear the things I knit. If it can’t be worn, I rip it out and make it into something better. The exception is Nothin’ But a T-Shirt which I made last year from cheap yarn. It is still hanging around on my sweater shelf. Perhaps it is serving as a lesson to us all not to use poor-quality yarn.

Speaking of which, I will be giving you an update pretty soon here on how the bawks have stood up to wear — since I made them in three different yarns, it seems like an ideal opportunity to compare.

Yesterday, I went to the gym with my boys. There is no reasonable segue from the random observations above this paragraph to the random observations below it. It’s just random, that’s all.

The thing about going to the gym with boys is that you can be settling into your cooldown and they will say that they need to stay to watch the rest of the football game.

Apparently it was an exciting football game. At one point, the TV shouted out something about Peyton Manning and all the men in earshot ran over to stand around the TV, frozen in a tableau of concern. As far as I could tell, the TV was not in any immediate distress, but they wanted to be near it anyway, just in case.

And the article for the encyclopedia is finally finished — except that after I finished it I actually read the assignment (so to speak) and discovered a couple more things that I have to do. So that’s what I’m doing.