Horrors! I seem to be a bandwidth thief!

Except that I don’t know how I became one, or how to stop it. I only know how to do automatic things at xanga. I don’t know what my server is, how to download or upload, or what a bandwidth is. So if I have inadvertently stolen your bandwidth, please feel free to take it back, and accept my deepest apologies.

Super Pokey and Christwarrior are even now trying to help me reform, or at least figure out what I did wrong.

Until I have reformed myself, I will attempt to distract you with a new picture of Hopkins. I have decided to continue this fretwork (from Alice Starmore’s Celtic Collection) all the way up the front. I’ll do the neckband in the variegated Autumn yarn. But I haven’t decided about the back or the sleeves. The obvious thing would be to match the front, but I am tempted to make them all fretwork.

I promise you I am deeply ashamed about the thievery. If you have advice on that subject, or on the important question of what to do with Hopkins’s sleeves, I will appreciate it greatly.