This sleeve got up to the cap shaping yesterday. We sent both #1 daughter and #2 son back to their daily lives, and #2 daughter and I mostly lolled around.

She went out for sushi with Arkenboy and I took the opportunity to get in some Wii Fit time, actually, but before and after that there was a lot of lolling.

Today I’ve gotten a hiring message from a West Coast agency I’m taking on. I now have the North, the South, the East Coast, and the West Coast covered. I have a couple of British firms, too, but they are very sporadic, so I think I could probably add another there.

I have a list of stuff I need to do for my classes, which begin on various days this week, and the new arts center contract. So it’s back to daily life for me, too, I guess.

The sleeve, though… Well, the instructions for this sweater really didn’t seem to work very well. Some knitters, on finding that the directions don’t work well, frog what they’ve done and try again, following more closely, or work out the math and chart the offending garment to see where they’ve gone wrong. I tend to just do it differently. That is the case with this sweater. So there will be that moment of truth when I put it all together, sometime in the distant future. Will the parts actually fit together? Will it be a sweater? Will it look anything like the original design?

We shall see.