I’m just back from my early class. I’m enjoying both my face-to-face classes, and I now have the first mountain of papers to grade.

The arts center assigns groups of three lessons. Then you turn in your lessons and they assign some more. Today, I got a response to the last group of lessons saying to wait. They’ve gotten their high-priority lessons fixed up and they’re going to decide whether to continue with old ones or do new ones. They asked whether I had any ideas for new ones — and of course I always have ideas. That’s one of my super powers. So I shot off a list of ideas, along with a hope that if they do more old ones they’ll send some more to me.

So that big project is either ending or moving into an exciting new phase, but it’s no longer always there to work on as it has been for the past couple of months. As I digested that, I got an IM from my Brits, asking if I would do a less interesting job for less money. Of course I said no, and gave them the names of some cheaper folks who might. I also have a new website to write this week, but we’re not supposed to start till we get the deposit, so I shouldn’t do that today. I also have projects pending with a couple of agencies, but there again, they’re pending and not actually ready to go.

I am suddenly not madly busy. I’m also regretting all the unbillable stuff that I did when I could have been faster with the arts center projects — I was expecting eight (on the basis of the number they planned to do divided by the number of writers) and I did nine, so I’m not disappointed, but I do feel that I could have made more hay while the sun shone.

Today, then, I’ll be grading papers, looking after my regular folks, and perhaps getting that pile of papers off my floor and filed. I might study up on some of my software… I could put on a movie and watch while I grade the physical papers. In short, I plan to get as much enjoyment as possible out of the sense of not having too much work to do.

I probably ought to finish up my accounting and get prepared to do my taxes, but that doesn’t sound nearly as pleasant. If I still don’t have too much work tomorrow, I’ll get to that.