1 These were our tables at the Ministry Fair yesterday. We signed up quite a few more volunteers.

I went home then and graded papers and took a nap. A friend came to visit, then, and we had a good talk about the economy, education, and 21st century skills, not to mention No Child Left Behind and Unitarianism.

Following this pleasant interlude, I went off to the Worship Team meeting. I chivvied everyone into listing goals and action steps. It is possible that they all hate me, but I figure they can return to inactivity and ineffectiveness next year, perhaps with a sense of relief. Or maybe they’ll like having accomplished things.

Then I came home and cooked dinner, during which The Computer Guy got to me with the cue for a website we’ve been working on for a while. I spent some time on that, and on laundry, and then went to bed at a reasonable time.

Today I got up and had more work for the week waiting for me. I like that. 1Recently I read someone who buys work from people like me saying how great it was to get up in the morning and see how productive he’d been while he was sleeping. For me it’s more like I get up and there are links to websites and spreadsheets waiting for me to do stuff and I get to feel like a slacker for having gone to bed.

However, it also means that I often wake up and find that I have work for the week, so that’s good. I think I got in the goal number of billable hours last week.

This morning I have class, and a funeral, and then four assignments.

So Id better hurry.