Completed dull socks for the last day of Sockuary. (Impressionist snap with toy camera.)

But wait — tomorrow could also be the first day of Sockuary!

These socks may be dull, but they are very nice and cozy as well, and I have a lot of this yarn in several colors, so I may just keep going.


I am trying out some of the traditional Fair Isle patterns from the Traditional Fair Isle Knitting book. This is how they recommend making a swatch, but if I add a heel, it will be a sock.

I had intended to continue with my scientific sampling of churches yesterday, moving on to the Episcopalians, but I am enjoying time with #1 daughter instead. I made a traditional Basque cake, except with nectarines instead of cherries, and was able to do a good amount of sock knitting while we talked about local politics, dogs, decorating, and family members.

Not that I skipped church. I went to the early service at my own church and sang “Rest in the Lord,” another of Mendelssohn’s greatest hits. The organist did not turn a hair when I showed up with my music 30 minutes before the service.

#1 daughter and Son-in-Law will be going up to visit #2 daughter soon. They are hoping to have their assorted siblings to visit them in The Frozen North as well — waiting until summer, of course.