Editing Courteously

The song for today is “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.” This is an excellent song, very dramatic, with no shred of frolicsome festiveness to distract us if we’re getting back to work today.

Actually, I got back to work yesterday, though I didn’t intend to do as much work as I did. One of the lesson plans for the arts center is being challenging to me. I think it’s pretty bad, and filled with inaccuracies and stuff like that. So I have to steer between the Scylla of turning in a lesson I don’t think much of and the Charybdis of being hypercritical and pedantic.

It takes a lot of extra time to be diplomatic.And even that sentence shows the problem: I think of this as an issue of courtesy, because I’m assuming that I’m right and the original author of the lesson is wrong, and all I need to do is express my obviously correct views in a tactful way.

I had an opportunity last term to take part in a rehearsal under the direction of the conductor of the National Symphony — coincidentally enough, an employee of the arts center in question. He said kindly, at one point, “Always consider the possibility that you might be wrong.” It struck me as a good policy.

So that’s the first thing I’m doing this morning. Then I have annual reports to do for everyone, and I’ve had a query from a client whose project got stuck on the back burner during the holidays. He doesn’t celebrate the same holidays I do, so he may not think that’s a good reason, and I might ought to just apologize frankly.

It also struck me, at about 1:00 a.m., that I’m teaching a new course two weeks from today, and I probably need to set up my online courses and plan that new class.

And it snowed last night, again. Doesn’t really matter, I guess, since I don;t have to go out in the snow to work. I just thought I’d mention it.






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  1. sighkey Avatar

    🙂 Oh right – this is your easing on down for the new year is it?