dino Here’s what #1 son did over the weekend. He gave me permission to use this picture, since there is no actual face involved.

This is what is known as a “dino.” When you are rock climbing, and you leap from one hold to the next rather than keeping hold of one till you grab the next, that is a dino. I don’t know why.

There was a large group of guys on the trip, and their photos all show them practicing their climbing skills in non-dangerous ways, often spotting one another. I found that cheering.

If there were episodes of dangerous climbing, drunken roistering, and so forth, then they very sensibly did not post them on Facebook.

Nowadays, that counts as a sign of unusual wisdom.

That’s not what I did over the weekend. I did a little housework, some light reading, a bit of knitting…

 CNN aired the Republican and Democratic debates last night, the perfect opportunity to get on with some Epic knitting. I decided to do a set-in sleeve for Erin, but to continue with the colorwork as it stands.

This is Alice Starmore’s Erin, from The Celtic Collection. I’m making it in Elann’s Peruvian 1Highland Wool, on #2 needles. I have been dismayed at the number of breaks in some skeins of this yarn — one skein of Tuscan Green had more than one break per row, which makes me fear for the future of my sweater.

Coming back to say — Kali Mama just made the clever suggestion that I felt Erin and make a bag out of her. That might be a better plan than finishing her as a sweater…

You can see from the part of the inside that shows here that I do colorwork with two hands and weave as I go.

It is good to know where people stand on these divisive issues.

It was interesting last night to see both parties’ debates. We got to see Romney sneering throughout his opponents’ answers, and the petty bickering that should not have taken place in public. #1 son, who will be voting for the first time this year, had a lot to say about the candidates’ self-presentation. He is most interested in the economy, among the issues. We were all surprised to hear the Republicans talking about the environment as much as they did. Richardson seemed to feel that he was having his final opportunity to present his resume, which led to a lot of repetition from him, but he also made the most amusing remarks. I was glad to see Clinton have an opportunity to address directly the fact that so many people dislike her on a personal level, and it was interesting to see the candidates interacting with one another.

#2 son gets back to school today, but my husband is home again, so I will still be trying to get the rocks and minerals subunit finished to a background of kung fu movies. That’s my excuse. The fact that I am doing store blogposts and SEO whenever I feel uninspired about the rocks is probably more to the point, but all those things have to be done, after all. I’d better get started on them.