Sunday morning’s sermon was about stress, and had some sensible suggestions. I got back to Sunday School after a long hiatus and was impressed once again by the ribald cheeriness of the older ladies in the group, and so having spent 90 minutes laughing and singing, I wasn’t feeling stressed at all.

This may be why the thing that really stuck in my mind from the service was an announcement about a special collection for the undeserving. Yes, the undeserving. Next week’s collection is for a mission that serves gangsters, drug dealers and users, juvenile delinquents, and the like. We usually give for the deserving, insofar as we consider whether people deserve largesse or not. As it happens, people do not generally get what they deserve in life, and our care and giving are not about justice, but about mercy.

Is my sweater deserving? I rather think it is. (This is Erin from Alice Starmore’s Celtic Collection.)

I continue to be surprised and pleased by the colors. How can I possibly be surprised, when I chose the pattern and colors? Because I chose these colors in the most random and unreasonable way possible.

I never bother much about what yarn is called for, any more than I pay attention when a recipe specifies WONDRA flour. I just swatch and choose something I like. In this case, I decided to use Elann’s Highland Wool.

The pattern lists the yarn requirements — 150 grams of Juniper, 50 grams of Madder Red, and so forth. I could have sat down at my computer screen and attempted to guess whether the Tuscan Green of the yarn I was using was most like Juniper of the yarn called for. But since I was buying the yarn online, I had no chance to see how the yarns looked together, and little chance to ascertain how they would look individually in real life. So I just ordered 18 colors that I liked. More skeins of the ones I really liked. Then I sat down with my yarn and — going with the amounts I happened to have bought as well as how they looked together — I determined that Rosewood would stand in for Madder Red and so on. This means that I am having nice surprises (nice so far, at least) as I knit.

Considering the way I make decisions, it is a wonder my life has turned out nicely at all.

Since I worked on Saturday, I have today off. I must go to the dentist as the jolly beginning of the day, and come up with dinner when the cupboard is nearly bare for the jolly end of the day, and my list in between is exceedingly long. However, the pastor reminded us that much stress comes from thinking too much about ourselves. This is true. I will therefore think instead about my sweater and what color surprises might be in store for me.

You don’t think that’s what he meant?