Look who is hanging out at the edge of my patio.

You are thinking how cute this little bunny is.

He is not cute. Nor are all his brothers and sisters back home in the field behind my house.

The reason they are not cute is that they are here to despoil my garden.

I would be willing to share the produce with God’s wild creatures, I assure you, but the fact is that they do not share.

Rabbits, deer, birds, bugs, turtles, cattle — the thing they all have in common is that they will eat every single bit of the plants in the garden, never once thinking that they ought to share with me and my family.

Here’s the first ripe tomato, too. I fully intend to pick it and eat it with my family, and not to let the mockingbirds have any. Nor that rabbit, who has already been eating the leaves.

#2 daughter has introduced the concept of alphabetical filing at her new workplace.

I mentioned this in the choir room at church yesterday. I had missed the rehearsal on Wednesday, so I went early to make sure I was ready for the anthem. I had run into another chorister at work Saturday and she had told me that she had missed practice because of a hangover, so I at least did not have the worst excuse, but apparently there were only five at practice. So it was that the director had decided not to choose the anthem until he saw who actually showed up for the service. So we were sitting there, chatting and waiting to see whether we would have representatives of all the parts or not, and I told them about this filing thing.

It turned out that the music in the choir room isn’t filed alphabetically either. “It’s mainly alphabetical,” the director insisted, but it turns out that at some point in the past someone decided to file it by season and type of piece, and that rather subjective system is at war with the former alphabetic system, so that now it can only be found by people who know it by heart, and surprises are always turning up. And it is not on the computer, either.

So the unbelievable idea that a person would have to introduce alphabetic filing and use of the computer is I suppose not that unbelievable.

There are a lot of big changes going on in my family. #2 daughter’s shift from student to independent working woman is the most dramatic. But #1 daughter, having gotten accustomed to being apart from her husband while he has been incommunicado on a sub, must now get used to having him back. #1 son is going into his senior year in high school, with college applications and major life decisions looming. #2 son is beginning high school, leaving the smallness and support of junior high. My husband and I are hurtling toward the Empty Nest.

An exciting time for all of us, and you all know the Chinese curse.

Here’s a SWAP report. I completed both skirts. On the left is the print skirt.

It works with both the matching print top and the blue one.

The tops and the skirt are Butterick 4467. The skirt is cut on the bias. The print is Moda’s “Windsor” and the blue is a microfiber from Hancock’s.

The gray below is Simplicity 5914, also in a microfiber from our Memorial Day sale trip to Hancock’s. It will eventually have a matching jacket and trousers.

It works with both the solid and the print top, as required by the rules of the SWAP.

Now, I started that gray skirt during the Memorial Day weekend sewing marathon, so it is possible to conclude that it took me a really long time to get it finished. However, it is also possible to say that in the six weeks since the marathon, #2 daughter and I each completed four pieces of our SWAPs, and I think that sounds better, so that is how I’ll put it.

We have done the easiest third of the project.

I’m going to stop the SWAP for the moment and do a SewRetro project next. I spent most of my needlework time this weekend hemming, so the Jasmine sweater is still just at the start of the first sleeve. I’ll post a picture when it gets interesting.