I have finished the front and back of Siv and grafted the shoulder seams. I measured, checked the pieces against my favorite finished sweater, and tried it on. Satisfied that I was okay thus far, I picked up the stitches for the neckband.

I did some house and garden work yesterday, made some Pico de Gallo from our garden produce, and caught up on the laundry, but spent most of the afternoon and evening knitting. It helps that The Gun Seller is a quality paper rather than a mass paper (as we say in the trade) and is therefore more inclined to lie flat.

Hugh Laurie is the guy who played Bertie Wooster on the BBC “Jeeves and Wooster”. Clearly, P.G. Wodehouse has sunk into his consciousness. The Gun Seller is what might have resulted if P.G. Wodehouse had written for James Bond instead of for musical comedies. I expect that Hugh Laurie gets sick of hearing that, but the chances of his reading this are so slim that I don’t think that need worry me. As a lifelong Wodehouse fan, I think it is a huge compliment.

#2 daughter headed out for the big city yesterday and #2 son is still at the Summer Institute, so it was mostly just me and #1 son at home for the afternoon. He is an excellent model for sluglike lassitude. Our fingers — mine knitting and his playing video games — were all that moved.

After work, I intend to cast on for the sleeves. In the course of yesterday’s cleaning, I found the cabling needle. Even so, I haven’t decided whether to put cables on the sleeves or leave them plain. Plain stockinette leaves plenty of attention for reading. And it is hard enough to get the two sleeves identical without adding in complex cables.On the other hand, the pattern was written with cabled sleeves. Surely that should count for something.