We left the big city early yesterday morning, went the wrong way for a bit, and got home in time for lunch.

I quickly got onto the week’s homework.

It is not a good idea to do a week’s homework in one afternoon. You skip through and don’t learn what you ought to. However, this is my Photoshop class, and I didn’t have Photoshop at #2 daughter’s place, so it was a case of needs must.

While I was working on it, #1 daughter arrived with her dog. She’s going to work for me full time, a circumstance which will lead to happiness and prosperity for all. She’s living with me for a while, till the ROI hits the point where we can pay her a full time salary.

#2 daughter is going to quarter time, with the plan of bringing her on full time in a year.

I’m going to put #1 onto production work this morning. Spicer, her dog, is currently sitting in Toby’s place at my feet, staring at me.