Yesterday’s rehearsal was good. We were able to say things like, “This one should be cut if it doesn’t get a whole lot better” and “Let’s use close harmonies on this one.” When we get back with the instrumentalists, we’ll be able to put the whole thing together.

We had recordings, and I was pleased to hear that my voice hasn’t started sounding old, a fear of mine.

I also got an A in my web design class.

Apart from these reassuring things, we went to Hollywood, to Amoeba records,  had a drink at the Arclight Cinema, and picked up some Zankou chicken. Following the rehearsal, we took the dogs for a walk. I was surprised that my hostess felt at ease walking around after dark, but it was very pleasant and we met no marauders.

We’re having an extended slumber party, with lots of good conversation. I called home, and got to talk to my husband and #1 son (#2 son was out on the river), who assured me that they’re getting enough to eat.

Today I’ve got a fair amount of work to do, while my hostess visits her chiropractor and masseur, and then we plan to go to Seal Beach.